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IVA Driebergen Business School

Nucars IVA Driebergen

Location: Driebergen-Rijsenburg, Netherlands

Student Number: 1,000


IVA Driebergen Business School is an independent private school that provides vocational education for technical/commercial, organizational and managerial positions in the automotive trade and industry. Since its foundation in 1930 IVA Driebergen has made a name as the Institute that educates enterprising students. Entrepreneurial education, highly adapted to the requirements of the automotive and nautical trade and industry, is central to the IVA curriculum. Due to the entrepreneurial character of the curriculum, IVA graduates can also be found in many other lines of work, ranging from oil rig construction to accounting firms. Also, quite a few IVA graduates start their own business during or after their education. IVA Driebergen is glad to have a partnership with Northwood University (USA) and Bradford University (UK). IVA graduates can obtain follow-up degrees at these universities.